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GoTravel Magazine is about travel. With Go Travel Magazine Articles, our goal is to provide informative and interesting articles to travelers. With over 58,000 international readers, we like to cover a wide range of topics and destinations.

We offer select premium writers to appear in our bimonthly Go Travel Magazine Online Edition. The next online edition will appear on June 15th.

Stories submitted should be original, passionate and compelling. We prefer stories about off-the-beaten-path destinations. However, we will also accept articles on familiar destinations, as long as they offer a new slant. We want our premium authors to inform and entertain veteran travelers, as well as those who are new to traveling.


Go Travel Magazine doesn't pay for any articles. However, we offer our premium writers a chance to have their articles published and viewed by a large audience.

In addition, we offer assignment letters to our regular contributors. These letters can help offset your travel costs, and allow you more time at your chosen destination. Contact us for more information.

In exchange for allowing us to publish your articles, we will provide space in each issue for you to provide your byline (including photo, web site and contact info).


We prefer you to send the full article with your query. You can send your article as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .RTF format), or paste it at the end of your e-mail message

Send your article via e-mail to Marcia Beckman at :

editor [at] (include the word "query" in the subject heading)

We use non-exclusive e-rights to articles that are published on our web site. We always allow authors to sell their material elsewhere. Our prime objective is to showcase the talent of new writers, making it easier for them to approach other publications in the future.

Accuracy Counts

Go Travel Magazine wants to provide readers with the most reliable and accurate information available. Writers should double check all facts and figures before sending a query. Sources for all facts and figures used in an article must be confirmed. Any quotes that refer to medical, technical and nutritional advice must be credited to accepted experts or professionals in those fields. Please provide us with verifiable contact information for each source included in your article, with your submission.

Writing For Us
Painting the Vista

Can your writing put our readers senses on cruise control? Can our readers feel the vibrations from that monster roller coaster ride? Can they smell the spices as you take them on a journey through the Banda Islands ? These are the types of descriptive articles we're interested in.

How-To Articles

Does your article teach others how to "Visit Turkey for under $10 a day" or "How to gamble in Vegas without losing your shirt"? We're very interested to publish these types of articles.

Equipment Articles

We welcome articles about equipment. If you wish to write a review about a certain product, be prepared to tell our readers both the positive and the negative (if applicable), and how it would benefit them.

Food and Wine

Do you have experience writing about restaurants, or drinks (such as wine, cognac, whiskey)? If so, send us your article.

Travel Health

Advice on how to stay healthy in different countries throughout the world. This includes articles such as: protection against the weather, vaccinations, diets, repellents, safety prevention against criminals, and other related subjects.

Special Events

Our readers enjoy special events. When reporting on a special event, provide the readers with interesting facets of the event, rather than a day-by-day account. Write your articles in a way that readers feel they're witnessing each event.

If you would like to write about a special event (Carnival in Brazil , Christmas, Oktoberfest) remember that these are time-sensitive, so they should be queried 60 days in advance.

If you have any ideas for other travel articles, send us a query.

Style Guide


Make sure that your stories are logically organized. Use an informative, yet informal writing style.

Avoid excessive use of jargon; as we have international readers. Support your information with examples and hard facts (was it 10 miles, or 40 miles).

Other than that, write in a style that you are comfortable with. If your story is interesting enough, we'll publish it.

  • Features: 1500 - 3000 words
  • Short Articles: 400 - 1000 words
Photographer's Guidelines

We prefer digital photographs in JPEG format.

You can e-mail photos under 500 kb to marciabeckman [at] If you would like to send multiple photos for your article, please upload them to a service such as:, or a similar service where we can download them. Provide a short description of what each photo contains.



We hope that you will write for us. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, send them to: marciabeckman [at]

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